One Stop Shop Video Solution

Stand and Stare teaming with Green Palace Recording Studio’s gives the opportunity to provide professional quality audio and visual promotional packages at affordable rates.

Our highly skilled team coupled with our custom built multi track dark wood studio offer unparalleled value and quality for creating content to best sell your band.

Neumann TLM 103 (pair)
Shure BLX188UKCVL dual wireless microphone system
Cascade fathead Ribbon Mics (pair)
Rode NTG1 (Shotgun Microphone)
Shure beta 58 (x8)
SM57 (x3)

Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio 4710D Pre’s (x4)
TLA Audio Fat Man
TLA Audio 5021
Focal & Genelec Monitors
Adam A7X Monitoring System
RME Fireface 800

Korg MS20
Virus B
Moog little fatty

Musical instruments:
Taylor 210 CE Acoustic Guitar
Peace Paragon Drum Kit
Yamaha Snare drums
a range of Zildjian cymbals
a range of Africa Percussion/instruments
Roland V-Drums
Gibson SG
Nord Stage Classic
Reid-Sohn Upright piano

Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 360
Ampeg 4×10″
Fender Deluxe

cnr-tape-machine cropped